Weird Al Yankovic and the King of Pop


Weird Al Yankovic rode the Michael Jackson coat tails quite unlike any other performer in modern history. When you listen to artists like Weird Al Yankovic, DJ Spooky, Q-Tip, Herbie Hancock, and LL Cool J speak about Michael Jackson on the Thrillercast podcast you learn just how huge a superstar Michael Jackson actually was. In fact Jackson created an entire industry. Just think about the popularity and the money made from the parodies.“Weird Al” Yankovic’sEat It” and “Fat” made hits out of Jackson’s super hits “Beat It (Single Version)” and “Bad.” Jackson and Yankovic share the royalties of the parodied songs.  On the recent Thrillercast, a podcast celebrating the 25th Anniversary of the album Thriller 25 Super Deluxe Edition, Yankovic said he bought a very nice house with the royalties from the Michael Jackson parodies.

I loved Weird Al Yankovic as a kid and his videos were very funny.  My brother, friends, and I memorized the Even Worse album.  I even was a fan of his film UHF. Perhaps Michael Jackson is the King of Pop but Weird Al Yankovic must be the King of Pop Parody. I always thought Weird Al Yankovic was the son of the “King of Polka” Frank Yankovic. However, readers have informed me of the truth. “Weird Al” is not the son of Frankie Yankovic. Anyways go ahead and check out Frankie Yankovic and the Yanks on the album Frankie Yankovic & His Yanks’ Greatests Hits. Frankie Yankovic played a wonderful “Beer Barrel Polka.”

Weird Al Yankovic and the King of Pop

5 thoughts on “Weird Al Yankovic and the King of Pop

  1. helenoe says:

    Interestingly enough, Al is the son of Nick and Mary Yankovic, may they rest in peace, and was not related at all to the Polka King, although they did meet each other. Al performed on a song on one of Frankie’s albums.

  2. Weird Al is NOT related to Frankie Yankovic. Al’s mom decided that Al should have accordion lessons so that there would be another according playing Yankovic in the world, but they are not related.

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