The Gypsies at Teton Village, Wyoming

Got to see the virtuoso violinist Ferenc Illenyi playing with the Gypsies at Walk Festival Hall in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. The venue located in the Teton Village has wonderful sound. You could hear the artists turning the pages of their music sheets. Ferenc also plays with the Houston Symphony. If you get a chance to see this lad, go. The Gypsies played Hungarian, Romanian, and Serbian songs tinged with gitano influences. Guitarist Erich Avinger and bassist Chris Maresh joined Ferenc for beautiful world folk ballads. Pianist Scott Holshousser also joined the group during the first set and then later accompanied Frederic as a duo. It was interesting hearing Eastern European gypsy music as compared to the Western European styles seen in France and Spain. The gitanos of Spain and southern France like the Gypsy Kings and the world-famous Paco De Lucia seem to focus on the guitar, clapping, dancing, and percussive elements. But the Eastern European gypsies focus more on the violin bringing more traditional instruments to the mix like the Piano and Bass. I can’t say which I like better, but it is certain that the western style is more lively while the eastern style more classical. The group played some traditional tunes including a “Romanian March,” and also played some popular tunes like “Fraulein.” The evening sounds proved to be soothing and lovely.

The Gypsies at Teton Village, Wyoming

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