Black Eyed Peas Half-Time Show at the Super Bowl

The E.N.D. (The Energy Never Dies)

Tonight during the Half-Time Show at the Super Bowl the Black Eyed Peas performed a string of hits bringing youth and energy back into the show. I liked last year’s show with the Who, but old British rockers have a harder time energizing younger Super Bowl fans. (However, I must admit, my favorite shows of late have been Prince and Paul McCartney.)

BEP opened with the anthem “I Gotta Feeling” transitioning into the dance hit “Boom Boom Pow.” The guitarist Slash, formerly of the rock band Guns N’ Roses, joined Fergie for “Sweet Child O’Mine.” Next, the Prairie View A&M Marching Band added roaring horns for the vibrant “Pump It.” From there the Black Eyed Peas played their mega-hit song “Let’s Get It Started.” Honestly, I prefer the original version of the song “Let’s Get Retarded.” Not kidding, look it up.

Usher Emerged from the sky, dropping in for a rollicking “OMG.” From the dance tunes the Peas slipped into the chill message laden tune “Where Is The Love?.” I am glad chose to slow it down and add this song about loving one another. To conclude, the band played their new hit “The Time (Dirty Bit)” off their current album The Beginning. Sampling “I Had the Time of My Life,” the song from the 80’s movie Dirty Dancing, successfully mashed electro beats with sappy 80’s pop. The group then came full circle back to “I Gotta Feeling.” Embedded lights flashed on costumes.Dance moves were choreographed to perfection with the timing of the music. All and all, a pretty entertaining half time show.

The Time (Dirty Bit)


Black Eyed Peas Half-Time Show at the Super Bowl

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