The Jam-Tex selector rates the top albums of the month with a complete disregard for genres. Also the selector reviews concerts, festivals, movie soundtracks, and other music-oriented events. Check back regularly for updates on the latest in Texas, Jamaican, and World Music here at Jam-Tex.

Texas and Jamaica link up connecting roots music traditions here at JamTex.  Music pulsates through both cultures, filling the evening air with intoxicating rhythms, beats, and melodies. Jamaican folkways elicit amazing original forms of music, including mento, ska, rocksteady, reggae, lovers rock, dub, and dancehall. The sounds formulated out of a vast cultural milieu. Music from native Caribs, Africa, China, and India to American musical forms like New Orleans Jazz, Motown Soul, Memphis Rhythm & Blues, Country & Western, and Rock & Roll, which all influenced the Jamaican music experience.

The state of Texas, the most independent state in the United States, geographically sits where continental North America meets Latin America. Flamenco, Tejano, Mariachi, Blues, Jazz, Gospel, Bluegrass, Polka, Western Swing, Zydeco, Folk, and Rock met in Texas and fused into Texas roots music. Some might even argue that blues and jazz music originated out of East Texas, where African Americans like Blind Lemon Jefferson and Scott Joplin changed popular music forever.

As a connoisseur I’ve listened, collected, and appreciated the fine music playing and exploding out of these two North American bastions of sound. Although two very different places, Jamaica and Texas have several interesting similarities, such as a boastful bad boy-outlaw mentality that both cultivate. And the authentic people of both places hold deep soulful attachments to music, which expresses true feelings and reflects societies in Jamrock and Tejas.

This blog celebrates the new and old music of Jamaica and Texas. It explores the originators like Bob Wills and U-Roy. It pays tribute to the copasetic psalms of Willie Nelson and Bob Marley, to the songwriters, dub pioneers, boss deejays, blues pickers, country fiddlers, and Third Coast rappers. From Austin to Kingston, from the sound systems of Boston Bay to the Fort Worth honky tonks, this blog explores and follows the musical worlds of Jamaica and Texas. Welcome to JamTex!


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  1. Hi, I would like you to review my album and perhaps a live show recording. It is important as we ascend our ladders to gather some press, and your voice really resonates with our family of friends and fans. Please reach me if you can help! -Cory Phillips 310-902-0374

  2. andreweac says:

    I’ve been helping Taj Weekes out with outreach for his new album as a volunteer. Thanks for listing A Waterlogged Soul Kitchen in your September 2010 new album post. I was wondering if you would like to interview Taj or would like any additional information. Feel free to contact me at media –at–jattarecords.com.

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